Just like it says, I've got a noggin' full of ideas and no place to really put them down.

That is, Until Now!

I never realized the personal impact of the Internet until I made a small comment on www.redflagdeals.com a few years ago that related to the inequity in Canadian car prices. This comment resulted into a powerhouse of a thread culminating in media coverage and over 5 million reads!!! To this day, it's still going strong as the largest thread on that site.

At it’s peak, my comments on that site got me 100s of emails a day. Some were not so nice. To me, it appeared that those who wrote nasty comments were clearly working in the marketing and sales of Canadian cars. Some emails said I was biased and unfairly portrayed Canadian Car dealers. What? Seriously? I’m a regular Joe. Most of the emails I get are from folks who simply write to thank me for bringing information to the forefront.

I knew cross-border car sales were making an impact (while the auto markers said the sales were “miniscule” and “insignificant”) when Toyota took out FULL PAGE ads. in major Canadian papers. Toyota launched a frontal attack on auto importing by printing questionable and vague information in the hope of clouding the playing field and confusing the consumer. They claimed Canadian vehicles could be made to different specifications and COULD have larger windshield washer reservoirs or heavy duty weatherstripping. The operative and confusing word is “COULD”. Many disproved the argument since none of their cars had anything different. Imagine, if I could save over $18,000 buying a Subaru in the US, that would be all taken as ADDITIONAL PROFIT for the Canadian division. I’ve shared my bill of sale as evidence to anyone who questioned what I paid.

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Looking forward to writing more about anything that irks me.

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"Thanks to you Monsieurmaggot, I was able to save over $15,000 importing my car from the US. I didn't realize how easy it was until I came across your blog."

WJ in Calgary, AB
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